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The Blessed Virgin Mary and Lucifer (the devil)

For Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and some other Christian traditions, the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus is a powerful figure in the area of spiritual warfare. Father Jose’ Fortea, in his work, Interview With An Exorcist, points out why Catholics look to Mary as an important ally in the struggle against demonic forces…

  • Lucifer is the most perfect creature by nature; Mary is the most perfect creature by grace.

  • Lucifer corrupted himself by disobedience; Mary sanctified herself by obedience.

  • Lucifer wanted to be king, refusing to served, and in the end became nothing; Mary wanted to be nothing, desiring to serve, and in the end was crowned Queen of Heaven.

Fortea also explains an important parallel between the two in their titles.  Lucifer  was referred to as Angelic Star of the Morning while Catholics hail Mary as the Star of the Morning of the Redemption…

  • The first star, Lucifer, fell from the angelic firmament; the second star, Mary, was elevated.

  • The first star that was spirit fell to the earth; the second star that was human ascended to heaven.

  • Lucifer did not want to accept the Son of God made man; the Blessed Virgin Mary welcomed him into her womb.

  • Lucifer is a spiritual being who ended up making himself worse than a beast (without ever ceasing to be spiritual); Mary is a human being that ended up becoming better that an angel (without ceasing to be human).

This is why the Blessed Mother is hated by the demons and why she is powerful in coming against demonic forces because the invocation of her name drives the demons into panic mode.  They cringe when she is invoked.

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